Tuesday, February 5, 2013


* Update: I spoke with the Evergreen School District community relations department again this morning. The individual I communicated with said it was a wonderful project. We are looking forward to all of your donations and to continue working with the district as we go!

This evening, I attended the WyEast Parent Network board meeting to discuss our project. The PTO president of Crestline was also in attendance, so we were able to do some great coordinating! *WPN Board: Thanks so much for letting me attend to accomplish this!* We will continue on in our quest to replace classroom libraries and are spreading the word in as many ways as we can.

One of the highlights was determining that desired book lists have been requested from teachers and will be coming through for our project. All monetary donations will be used to buy books specifically requested by teachers and is still the ideal way to donate. Also, please collect your gently used, high quality children's literature appropriate for K-5 to drop at our book drive site. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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